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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common inquiries regarding Exporteur and other details

The Basics

1. What is Exporteur?

Exporteur is a professional image optimization tool, currently in development for macOS.

2. What makes Exporteur special?

Exporteur is focused on improving productivity for designers and developers. This is why Exporteur includes all image optimization tools you need to resize, compress and convert graphics, photos and illustrations for the web.

3. What formats can Exporteur export to?

Exporteur exports to the following formats:

4. What formats can Exporteur import from?

Exporteur supports over 50 image formats, including PSD, several RAW formats and WEBP. We’ll be publishing a full list of supported file formats and support-details soon.


1. When does the Exporteur beta start?

We hope to make beta builds available in early March 2020.

2. How do I join the beta?

To join our beta program, simply sign up here and we’ll let you know when the first beta build is available.

3. Do beta builds expire?

Beta builds will expire when new builds are available or when the Exporteur beta program ends.

4. Is there any reward for being a beta-tester?

While we can’t promise anything yet, sending out coupon codes to beta tester who send us valuable feedback sounds like something we’d quite like to do…

Pricing and Availability

1. When does Exporteur launch?

Exporteur launches in spring 2020.

2. How much will Exporteur cost?

We’re aiming for a price tag of around $15. International currency conversion and pricing options will be announced before the launch.

3. Will Exporteur be available on the Mac AppStore?

We’re aiming to release a version of Exporteur on the Mac App Store on launch day, if App Store review goes well. There may be slight differences in feature-set, licensing and pricing between the version of Exporteur that you can buy on our website and the version bought through the App Store.

Exporteur Launches Spring 2020.

Sign up for the beta program today to receive development updates and be among the first to get an early look at Exporteur!