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Coming Soon: Exporteur for Mac

We've been working on a better workflow for automatically compressing, resizing and exporting images for the web and we're almost ready for you to try it! You can join the beta program & get an early look here.

Screenshot of Exporteur for macOS in an early beta state

This is Exporteur. It’s an app that allows you to quickly compress, convert and resize images for use on the web.

We’ve been working on this app for quite a while now. Its idea comes from our own personal frustration with the way current image optimization solutions work and we’re hoping to build a tool that’ll make the day to day work of web-designers & developers easier.

Getting Stuff Done With Automated Workflows

The typical workflow of exporting images for a responsive website looks something like this:

You open up all the images you need, select the right size for the first size-breakpoint, guess the right quality settings and then wait for processing. Then you have to go back in, select the same images again, enter the sizing for the next breakpoint, hope the same quality settings still produce good results, wait for processing and then rinse and repeat for every breakpoint. And when you need more than one file format you get to go through all of these steps again, just with another file format selected. There has got to be a better way.

And we think we’ve found it.

Exporteur replaces this hassle with Workflows. Here’s how that works:

  1. You enter the required settings, including multiple sizes, file types and compression settings, once.
  2. Drop your images into Exporteur.
  3. There is no step three. You’re done.

Workflows also allow you to easily repeat the same steps on another set of images, acting as a sort of “template” for image optimization. This way, you don’t have to babysit your image optimization. It just happens in the background and you can carry on with your work.

We’ll be sharing a more in-depth look at working with workflows soon.

Exporteur having completed processing images

Automagic Quality

Exporteur has another feature that will come in handy for everyone working with images on the web:

Instead of guesstimating what percentage of quality your images need, you can choose to let Exporteur find just the right settings for you.

This way, the resulting images will hit a sweet-spot between maximum savings in file-size and virtually no perceptible loss of visual quality.

It’s a bit like magic, except that there’s a whole lot more maths involved.

Left: Original JPEG (10,2MB), Right: Exporteur Auto-compressed JPEG (2,4MB) (Photo by Alin Rusu on Unsplash)

Launch Date, Pricing & Beta Program

We’re aiming for a release of Exporteur within the next two months.

If you want to catch an early look at our app and help us make sure it’s working alright, you can sign up for our beta program to become a tester.

Exporteur will cost ~$15 when bought through our website. (You might want to look out for special launch pricing and potential coupons for beta testers though)

If you want to give feedback, send in suggestions or just generally get in touch with us, you can send us an E-Mail!

There’s also our FAQ with more details regarding the app, its features and supported image formats that you might want to check out.

For anything else you can follow our app on Twitter, subscribe to this blog via RSS or join the beta program. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on our progress until Exporteur launches.

We have been working on this app for quite a while now and hope that you’ll find it as useful as we do when you get to try it.

- Sven Ewers, Developer of Exporteur

Join the Exporteur Beta Program.

Sign up for the beta program today to receive development updates and be among the first to get an early look at Exporteur!